After Passing Urine Drops Falls While Standing.

I am 24 years old now. I am suffering this problem from a very long time maybe 6+ years or even more. Anyways i started noticing this when i started college. The problem is when (every single time) i pass urine and i think i am done but actually i am not done. It comes drops of urine afterwards. Some time immediately when i stand up and some times when walking, sitting or specially when coughing and sneezing etc. I do shake the bladder but still the same. I once took a desi medicine from a hakeem (an acquaintance of my father) that benefited me. I got cure but the problem gradually started again. Now problem is same as old. I searched online and got a tip to tackle this problem by messaging the prostate and milking the bladder. It works but i creates another problem. I have sit in bathroom for a long time. Minimum 20 mins are must in toilet for a one urine pass. Some times it literally takes an hour sitting their finishing this process.I want to get rid of this permanently please help.


Urine complete examination
Ultrasound kub with post voide residual urine
Get done these test and consult me again.
Tab. Detrusitol 2mg two time a day