Hello , my husband is suffering from azoospermia initially he had a sperm count of 15 million now its zero i got his endocrine workup done his FSH is raised around 27. What should i give him so that his FSH should come in normal range ... I have been married since 4 yrs havnt concieved for a single time


What about other hormones? patient need proper history and examination.


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Sir can i send u his complete workup on email ... ?? I dwell in karachi ... He have a history of unilateral undesended testes which have been removed in 042-32591427, . Currently we have only single testes .

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You can email me all reports.. but its better to consult with urologist in
karachi for proper examination of remaining testis ..
At what age the undscended testis was removed?
Is he has developed secondary sexual characteristics i mean bear axillary
hairs etc?