Iam here to share my issue that we are married since 2years but not baby yet. Below is my semen analysis report detail. Please help either is there any problem Volume. 2.6ml Ph. 9 Appearance. White Total sperm count. 68million per ml Liq time. 15minutes Motility after 30min Rapid forward. 60 percent Sluggish. 20 percent Dead. 20 percent Morphology Abnormal head 10 percent Abnormal neck 4 percent Abnormal tail 7 percent Pus cells. 1 to 3 HPF RBC. NIL


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Dear see me in my clinic tomorrow


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Please get your wife checked by infertility specialist


Ubaid Jan

Assalam o alikum
Respectable sir
my mother is 43 year old ,she have urine blocking problime she Oprated by( CMH) Dr,qumar zia, (TURBT)
Doctor Reported on paper like fallowing..
(Two small 1.0*1.0cm superficial growths scrapid with resection loop biopsied with resection loop surrounding mucus surgery looking cold ceep biopsy taken)
i think may be some mistake in my spell plz checked out it
now tell us what should we do.because she is faceing again problime of urine blocking...
plz reply me


wish be

Hello Sir i have erectile dysfunction problem so shall i visit you are clinc?