Pain In Lower Abdomen


Since a week, when I wake up early morning I feel pain in lower abdomen. I think that's bladder. And also bladder seems to be full. I pass and then I sleep and again within an hour, I feel like I need to pass urine again. Right now the pain in lower abdomen is increasing and the pressure in whole abdomen has increased going backwards towards kidneys and forward as well. Feeling like my someone has blown a lot of air in my stomach and is continuously blowing air. I passed urine an hour ago and while I am writing I still feel the urge to go and pass urine. But I am sure the quantity won't be much. Medical History: Had done endoscopy and colonoscopy when diagnosed H. Pylori in 2015. Usually I get stomach related issues and pain. Lower pain problem. Got the same problem a few months ago in Sep 2016 as well. But it got well. This time it isn't going away.

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Dr. Ali Haider Khowaja

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Dr. Sharjeel Saulat

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Dr. Rashid Abbas

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Dr. Ali Haider Khowaja - Urologist

MBBS, FCPS (Urology) | Karachi

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dear u need to be assessed both clinically as well as via ultrasound


Get done these labs and send me your reports.
????Urine complete examination
????Ultrasound KUB with post voide residual urine.
????Xray kub digital.

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