Premature Ejaculation And Asthenozoospermia

Hi, i am married, male 36, married since 5 years and haven't conceived yet. Never used any contraceptive. I had lost the left gonad due to torsion in age 16 (arranged first checkup at the age 28). Which definitely took its toll on my sexual wellbeing (like asthenozoospermia) . Anyway the problem which is giving me depression since marriage is premature ejaculation. In nearly 40 seconds of intercourse. I want to ask is there any medically approved delay thing or not. I do not trust the online products so need advice from urologist. Thanks


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Dear 33 years old,

Few clarifications:

Premature ejaculation would not result in infertility as you do ejaculate the sperms but a single testicle may cause it. Single testicle does produce enough sperms.

Have you had a Semen Analysis, testosterone levels etc???

I would not recommend self treatment for Premature ejaculation. Have you really measured the timing using a stop watch???
The reality is different from what is portrayed in media or xxxxxx etc.....!!!

If it is really a premature ejaculation, it can be assessed and treated appropriately by Urologist and/or clinical psychologists by a combination of medical therapy as well as "behavioural therapy". Later is more helpful than the medications which have significant side effects.