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Sir/Madam,I and my husband have been married since 4 years and have been trying to concieve since the last 2 years but to no luck. I have an Underactive Thyroid and my Husband has Vericocele and low sperm count. However, My thyroid is very much under control since the last one year but my husband's reports do not look too good despite taking prescribed medicines for over 6 months. I am attaching his reports and I just want to know if there are any chances of naturally concieving a child or we would absolutely have to go through IVF.Thankyou.


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Dear "Asking for husband",

I feel sorry to inform that your husband's reports are unfortunately not good enough for natural conception. However, you have mentioned that he has Varicoceles and you have low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism) which makes the situation more complicated.

Has he been evaluated by a Urologist (Clinical examination to assess the size of testis, male hormones tests etc etc) and what treatments has he had??

In some cases, appropiate varicocele treatment might result in improved Semen parameters.

Do discuss these with your Gynecologist and an assessment of the husband is recommended by a Urologist.



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He had been given Clomid and Evion in Spetember. He got these reports done after the whole course now he has been given Spermexseed Sachet twice a day.

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