Small Penis Problem

Sooo depressed I have a small and thin penis Very sad


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I am a Paediatric Surgeon and often I have seen parents coming to us with their son with the same concern. Unfortunately there are many myths attached to the size of the penis in our society. Man's ability to do intercourse depends upon erection, not the size of the penis. If you are having erections then you are perfectly normal. Size variations exist in normal men. Ability to reproduce is a different question. Twenty percent of normal men who are otherwise healthy are infertile. At your age, I would advise you not to worry about this aspect of your body and do not fall prey to any ill advises that you may get from quacks in our society, who are looking out for a person like you. They can not give you anything. Just concentrate on your studies. That's much more important at this stage.


Send me exact measurement lenghth and width or come for examination .


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