Urinary Inflamation

13 year back unfortunatly one of my elder sexual abused me after that I started having extrem burning in urethra. After getting consult by urologist with have completly unnessery tests ( KUB, flow rate etc) bcz of this I left the consulting urologist. Now after some research I concluded that I'm suffering from chlamydia( herpes, inflamation in top part and pimples in skin) is there any test to confirm it.


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Dear 24 years old,

Irrespective of whether or not your self diagnosis is correct or incorrect; If you want yourself tested for Chlamydia, you can have it in three ways:

1. A urine test (culture) for Chlamydia. (Not every lab has facilities for this) and it needs to be mentioned on the request that Chlamydia is suspected.

2. A urethral swab + / - swab taken from the ulcers for chlamydia.

3. Chlamydia antibodies in blood. (positive antibodies test does not indicate an active infection but means that the person had exposure to the germs in the past.

Last but not the least, if it is Chlamydia or Gonorrhea ( both may exist together and are treated simultaneously) it is transmissible to the sexual partner BUT can be treated and cured effectively. Both partners are treated at the same time.

Kindly see an expert in Infectious diseases/ dermatologist or a Urologist. I know you must have been through a difficult time, but have it diagnosed and treated appropriately and move on. It would be helpful if you see a Clinical Psychologist at sometime sooner or later.