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Patient Questions from Dr. Sanam Faisal

Asking For Self, Female 23


Asslam o Alikum! Aftr 1.5 year Alhumdulillah now i conceived.. Im 12week+4 day pregnant and my Ultra sound shown placenta is all around. is it normal or not??

Asking For Self, Female 18


mujhe kal bleeding band howi men's period khatam howy phr aaj sham thori bleeding howi kia is me hum intercourse kar sakhty hai q k hum pregnancy k lye try kar rhe hai

Asking for Self, Female, 25 years old


Can you please guide me as i am having pain on upper right side of my c-section scar. Had c sec 7 months ago and from same side 2 stitches get infected right after section.. now the pain is mild but uncomfortable and feels like ther...

Asking for Self, Female, 27 years old

Anti D Injection

iam 9 week pregnant..I have b- blood group and my husband has O+...my doctor prescribed me anti D1 injection because I have vaginal bleeding from laat 15 days..my ultrasound is fine..I searched this injection I got to know that this...

Asking for Sister, Female, 15 years old

Delay In Periods

Aoa.. want to ask for my sister age 15. She don't have periods for the last 11 months, before that her periods were totally normal for almost 1 year. Is it normal for girls of this age or how can we treat this issue.

Asking For Self, Female, 31 Years old

16 Weeks Pregnant

Aoa my 16th week is going to end next week and i cannot go to my gyne due to corona crises . I had weakness and one of my frnd who is doing house job in gyne has recommended me multivitamins prenate and OMC-D . Can any one tel me sh...

Asking for Self, Female, 22 years old


Salaam. Dr mera pregnancy ka 12 week chal raha ha. Last month dr ny folic acid or Duphuston tablet di the Duphuston mn pregnancy k start sy hi use kar rahe hun abhi meri dr available nai ha lockdown ki waja sy. Meri tangon mn bhi b...

Asking for Self, Female, 30 years old

Pain Weakness

Six months post partum c sec breastfeeding. Feeling extreme Weakness, dizziness, tiredness since few days. Sharp shooting upper back pain during routine chores. Shortness of breath while stare climb. Did not take any supplements aft...

Asking for Self, Female, 33 years old

Constant Water Discharge

Mujhy pehly periods 7 days hoty thy jis m 4 days flow k sath or baqi spot bt ab mujhy 4 days heavy bleeding hoti h or spots 10 days tak lagty hn .2nd ye k periods k 11 day se hi continuously water discharge renta h water transparent...

Asking for Self, Female, 32 years old

UTI, Vaginal Discharge

Assalam o alykum Dr. how are you doing? I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant n noticed greenish discharge today. I've UTI for which I took antibiotics prescribed by the dr twice but I think no use bcz I'm again in pain since last night n...

Asking For Wife, Female 28

Lower Belly Pain

My wife feel pain in lower belly,while her 6th month of pragnancy start now,is it normal?

Asking for Self, Female, 20 years old


I had medical abortion in feb doc gave me cytotec 9th feb ko bleeding hogai thi phr test b neg and ultrasound b clear tha next month 8th march ko periods huy 7days lkin is month 18 hogai h mje periods. Nhi aye 10days upper hogye hai...

Asking for Self, Female, 30 years old

Pregnancy Related

Aoa. I am seven week pregnant. I feel pain just like period pain in my lower abdomin area and some clots pass out. Please advise regarding this matter thank u.

Asking for Self, Female, 25 years old

Secure My Pregnancy

My periods are 3 days late and I can't check my pregnancy due to lock down. Any medicine should I take to secure my pregnancy if em pregnant. As I had miscarriage one year ago so em worried to secure the pregnancy

Asking for Self, Female, 33 years old


Don't mention my name. I am mother of two and breastfeed my 8 months old daughter. 2 months back I had placed femplant(in arm for 5 year gap). I got my last periods on 11 March and no periods till now in this month. What are the pos...

Asking For Self, Female 30

Want Get Pragnant ASAP

I got miscarriage on 4 September 2019 nd behind cause found forbrid then I got surgery of mayomactomy on 24 Feb this surgery depends only removal of forbrid not overies and now I want to get pragnant pls share its safe or not what p...

Asking for Wife, Female, 31 years old


Aoa My Wife got miscarriage 2 weeks ago.I m asking that for how much time we will wait to plan a baby..Is it necessary to wait for 3 months before getting plan for another baby.secondly my wife is feeling weakness some time her bp...

Asking for Self, Female, 41 years old

Pcos Bleeding After Menses

I m pcos I have continuously problem of bleeding after menses in whole month its not heavy but when ever I urinate there is a blood in it.how I consulte Dr. Online on marham I also have hair only chin and on upper lips.please guide...

Asking for Self, Female, 30 years old

Early Pregnancy

Im 3 weeks pregnant. Since yesterday i have spotting with laqoria . Sometimes i feel little stretchy in my lower abdominal.

Asking for Self, Female, 28 years old

Twin Pregnancy

I am almost 15 week pregnant with twins, i haven't taken any CBC or other tests yet, is it important or safe to go to hospital or clinic to get these tests and regular checkups under the circumstances of covid 19