Alveoloplasty surgery is a dental procedure involving the contouring and reshaping of jaws. The surgery is performed to flatten the alveolar ridges after tooth extractions to promote healing and prevent complications associated with the future placement of dental implants and dentures. The tooth extraction leads to uneven alveolar ridges which need to be smoothened before dental restorations are made. Alveoplasty makes the jaw bones smoothened for prosthetic restorations.

What is the cost of Alveoplasty surgery?

The cost of the specialist for Alveloplastic surgery in Pakistan ranges between 1000-1500 PKR. The price for alveoloplasty surgery varies depending on the location of the dental clinic and the number of teeth involved. 

What diagnosis leads to Alveoplasty?

Tooth extraction leads to bumpy alveolar ridges which are smoothened byAlveoplastyto promote healing and facilitate future placement of dental implants and dentures. The procedure is also performed to avoid any future complications associated with the denture placement in future.

What is the procedure for Alveoplasty?

Alveoplasty is performed by the dentist in a sterile environment and involves the following procedure;

  • Local anesthesia is injected to numb the site.

  • An incision is made in the gum tissue next to the area that needs trimming of the bone. A flap is raised until the targetted bone is exposed.

  • The part of the bone is removed using specialized instruments and the remaining part of the bone is flattened using bone filer.

  • The debris is removed by irrigation with a saline solution.

  • The gum tissue is replaced and stitched.

What are the Risks & Complications associated with Alveoplasty?

AlthoughAlveoplastyis a simple and noninvasive dental surgery, some of the risks and complications associated with it include; 

  • Excessive bleeding 

  • Infection in the mouth

  • Trauma to the nerves

  • Numbness in the lips and cheek due to nerve damage.

What to expect after an Alveoplasty surgery?

Alveoplasty is a simple and noninvasive dental procedure performed in the outpatient dental clinic. The patient is prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers after the surgery to promote rapid recovery and reduce the chances of infections. 

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