Anterior And Posterior Repair (aesthetic, Colporrhaphy)

Anterior and posterior repair is also called aesthetic colporrhaphy or vaginal wall repair. It's a surgical procedure that helps correct vaginal wall prolapse or weakness, restoring the normal anatomy of the vagina and its supporting structures. 

Aesthetic colporrhaphy which restores the anterior wall of the vagina is anterior colporrhaphy or cystocele repair. While the one which restores the posterior wall is called posterior colporrhaphy or rectocele repair. 

What is the cost of anterior and posterior repair?

The consultation fee of the doctor for anterior and posterior repair in Pakistan ranges between 500-2000 PKR, depending upon the sessions of the treatment.

What diagnosis leads to aesthetic colporrhaphy?

The following diagnosis leads to anterior and posterior repair:

  • The protrusion of the bladder onto the front vaginal wall is due to weakness or muscular tissue damage. This condition is called Cystocele.

  • The collapse of the rectum onto the back vaginal wall due to weak rectum muscles. This is termed Rectocele.

Both cystocele and rectocele can occur due to certain factors - including childbirth, aging, hormonal changes, obesity, chronic constipation, or former pelvic surgeries.

What is the procedure for anterior and posterior repair (colporrhaphy)?

After diagnosing and recommending surgical treatment, your gynecologist will follow this procedure for anterior and posterior repair:

  • The healthcare provider will give you local anesthesia to reduce your discomfort during surgery.

  • Then incisions will be made in your vaginal walls. The location and extent of these incisions depend on the specific techniques used by your surgeon. 

  • Then by using specific medical instruments, your surgeon will tighten vaginal tissues. He may remove excess or stretched tissues, which will help improve the overall vaginal appearance. 

  • Once tissue adjustment is made, the doctor will close the incision(s) using dissolvable sutures.

What are the risks & complications associated with aesthetic colporrhaphy?

The risks &  complications associated with anterior and posterior repair include:

  • Infection at the surgical site 

  • Post-surgical mild or heavy bleeding

  • Vaginal pain or discomfort 

  • Collection of blood (hematoma) at the surgical site

  • Increased or decreased vaginal sensitivity

  • Injury to nearby organs - including bladder or rectum

  • Sexual dysfunction or increased discomfort during sexual activity 

What to expect after anterior and posterior repair?

After anterior and posterior repair, experiencing vaginal pain, bleeding, and discomfort is normal. However, your gynecologist may invite you to scheduled checkups to evaluate the surgical healing and your health condition.

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