Bone Grafting In Alveolar Septal Defects

Bone Grafting In Alveolar Septal Defects

Alveolar Bone Grafting is a clinical procedure usually performed on children born with a cleft in the alveolus (the ridge of bone that holds the teeth). This clinical surgery helps facilitate the eruption of canines and lateral incisors.

Bone grafting helps support teeth in the cleft area, closes any remaining gaps in the cleft area, and provides support for the base of the nose.

What is the cost of Bone Grafting in Alveolar Septal Defects in Pakistan?

The fee of PMC Verified And Experienced Surgeons for Alveolar Bone Grafting cost ranges between 2000 - 3000 PKR and the procedure costs around 70,000-90,000 PKR.

What diagnosis leads to Bone Grafting in Alveolar Septal Defects?

The conditions that may lead to Alveolar Bone Grafting include;

  • The cleft side of the maxilla (referred to as the lesser segment) is underdeveloped, causing abnormalities of the alveolus, as well as the lip, nose, and palate.

  • The medial collapse of the arch, producing dental crossbites

  • Change in the position of the premaxilla

What is the procedure for Bone Grafting in Alveolar Septal Defects? 

The detailed procedure steps for Bone Grafting in alveolar septal defects include; 

Step 1: General anesthesia is given to numb the area before surgery.

Step 2: The bone for grafting is taken from the hip bone. The surgeon will make a small incision in the hip area to remove part of the cancellous bone from the inside of the hipbone.

Step 3: Incisions will be made carefully in the cleft area of the gums. Then, the spongy bone will be inserted into the alveolar cleft.

Step 4: Dissolvable stitches will be placed to close the incisions inside the mouth and to hold the graft in place.  

Step 5: The surgeon will close the incision in the hip with dissolvable stitches. 

Step 6: A dressing will be placed over the hip incision.  

What are the risks and complications associated with Bone Grafting in Alveolar Septal Defects? 

The reported risks and complications linked to  Bone Grafting in alveolar septal defects include; 

  • Excessive blood loss.

  • Hematoma.

  • Delayed wound healing.

  • Long and adherent and scars under belts or clothing which may be painful.

  • Hypoesthesia or anesthesia over the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve and in its distribution areas.

  • Postoperative chest infection.

  • Pneumothorax ( when air leaks into the space between your lung and chest wall)

  • Damage to canine or central incisor roots

What to expect after Bone Grafting in Alveolar Septal Defects? 

After alveolar bone grafting, the child may experience;

  • Fever of 101 degrees F or higher

  • The child will have swelling. Maybe worse 2 to 3 days after surgery

  • Excessive tension or trauma after surgery

  • Oozing or drainage from the gum line

  • Your child may also have an acrylic splint or retainer in their mouth. This retainer helps keep the teeth in place while the bone graft heals.

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