Breast Cancer Surgery

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Who needs Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer surgery is a major component of breast cancer treatment that involves removing cancer with an operation. Breast cancer surgery is done alone or in combination with other treatments like chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy and radiation therapy. In women where there is a very high risk of breast cancer, breast cancer surgery may be an option to reduce the risk of developing future breast cancer. 

Breast cancer surgery includes different procedures, which are the following:

  • Mastectomy
    Surgery to remove the complete breast 
  • Lumpectomy
    Surgery to remove a portion/part of the breast tissue 
  • Surgery to remove nearby lymph nodes
  • Surgery to reconstruct a breast after mastectomy

The decision that which breast cancer operation is best for you depends on the size and stage of your cancer, other treatment options, and your goals and preferences. Breast cancer surgery is performed to remove cancer cells from your breast. For those who choose breast reconstruction surgery, a procedure to place breast implants or reconstruct a breast from your own tissue (flap surgery) may also be done at the same time or in a later operation.

Breast Cancer Surgery Types

There are different types of breast surgery, and it may be performed for different reasons, depending on the situation. 

  • Breast reconstruction with flap surgery
    a surgical procedure that restores shape to your breast after a mastectomy
  • Breast reconstruction with implants 
    a surgical procedure that restores shape to your breast after a mastectomy by using breast implants
  • Sentinel node biopsy
    a surgical procedure used to determine whether cancer has spread beyond a primary tumour into your lymphatic system. It's used most commonly in evaluating breast cancer and melanoma.

Your doctor recommends a certain operation based on your breast cancer features and your medical history, or you may have a choice about which surgery type you're considering. 

It majorly depends on the size and stage of your cancer, your other treatment options and preferences.

Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery

After breast cancer surgery, you can expect to:

  • Be taken to a recovery room where your blood pressure, pulse and breathing will be monitored.
  • Have a dressing (bandage) over the surgery site
  • You may feel pain, numbness and a pinching sensation in your underarm area
  • Follow your doctor's instructions and take care of your incision and drains, recognizing signs of infection, and understanding activity restrictions
  • Be given prescriptions for pain medication and possibly an antibiotic.
  • Resume your regular diet
  • Shower the day after surgery

You will have to spend one night in the hospital after undergoing mastectomy and also if you had breast reconstruction. If you undergo mastectomy without reconstruction or lumpectomy, you may leave the hospital the day of surgery.

What Happens After The Surgery:

  1. It is very normal if you experience any pain for the first few weeks. You will get pain killers for pain management. Painkillers work best when you take them regularly.
  2. You can always start eating whenever you feel like. Try to have easy, soft foods. Strong and heavy foods will make you feel sick. 
  3. You are less likely to get a chest infection or a blood clot if you keep yourself active. 
  4. Don't lift or carry anything heavy
  5. Do not drive

Breast Cancer Surgery Cost In Pakistan

Breast cancer surgery cost in Pakistan ranges from PKR 100,000 to PKR 250,000. It varies depending upon the surgeon who performs the surgery, type of the surgery, materials used and hospital expenditure/equipment.