C-section (uncomplicated) In The Operating Room

C-section (uncomplicated) In The Operating Room

A C-section is a surgical procedure for delivering a baby through an incision in the abdomen and uterus. This procedure is performed without major issues or unexpected complications. It takes place in a sterile operating room with specialized equipment.

What is the price of a C-section in Pakistan?

The cost of -section cost in the operating room in Pakistan ranges from 70,000 to 200,000 PKR. It generally depends on the hospital location and the gynecologist's experience.

What diagnosis leads to a C-section in the operating room?

Some of the major diagnoses that can lead to C-section in the operating room include;

  • Failure to progress in labor

  • Fetal distress

  • Malpresentation (breech or abnormal position)

  • Placenta previa

  • Placental abruption

  • Maternal health conditions 

  • Previous C-section with no contraindications for a trial of labor

  • Multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets)

  • Certain fetal or maternal medical conditions

  • Obstetric emergencies

What is the procedure for a C-section in the operating room? 

C-section in the operating room involves the following steps; 

  • The patient is positioned on the operating table in a supine position. The surgical team performs surgical hand scrub, and dons sterile gloves and gowns.

  • The patient's abdomen preps with an antiseptic solution. A sterile drape is placed over the abdomen, exposing the surgical site.

  • Anesthesia administers (typically regional anesthesia).Transverse or vertical incision made in the lower abdomen. The surgeon cuts through tissue layers to reach the uterus.

  • Uterine incision made (usually transverse in low-transverse C-section). The surgeon delivers the baby through a uterine incision. Umbilical cord clamped and cut.

  • The surgeon closes the uterine incision with sutures or staples. Abdominal layers close with absorbable sutures or staples.

  • The patient is transferred to the recovery area for post-operative monitoring.

  • The surgical team ensures patient stability and provides post-operative care.

What are the risks and complications associated with C-sections in the operating room? 

C-section in the operating room is usually uncomplicated but it indicates some risks and minor complications such as; 

  • Fever, redness, swelling, or discharge at the incision site.

  • Minor bleeding or hemorrhage.

  • Numbness or tingling around the incision site.

  • Respiratory issues or difficulty breathing.

  • Delayed healing.

  • Risks of urinary tract infection.

  • Reaction to anesthesia.

  • Postpartum depression 

What to expect after a C-section (uncomplicated) in the operating room?

After a c-section in the ward, the patients may expect the following conditions such as; 

  • Transfer to a recovery area for monitoring and initial post-operative care.

  • Intravenous fluids and pain medications may be administered.

  • The incision site will be checked for bleeding or signs of infection.

  • Mild to moderate pain or discomfort at the incision site.

  • Possible initiation of pain management techniques, such as oral pain medications or epidural catheter infusion.

  • Regular monitoring of bowel movements and the return of normal digestion.

  • Emotional adjustment, including fluctuating hormones and potential postpartum blues.

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