Complete Denture

Complete Denture

A complete denture is a procedure for the temporary removable replacement of missing teeth and tissues. The teeth and bone loss in the entire dental arch are replaced by acrylic dentures. The base is molded to fit into the shape with a suitable occlusive design. The dentist recommends a complete denture replacement when there is a severe oral disease affecting the teeth and gums, requiring complete extraction.

What is the cost of Complete denture surgery?

The complete denture surgery price in Pakistan ranges between 50,000-65,000 PKR. The price can vary depending on the dentist and the extractions involved before a complete denture replacement.

What diagnosis leads to Complete denture surgery?

The diagnosis that leads to the requirement of a complete denture procedure involves;

  • Complete Extraction

  • Dental diseases

  • Edentulous teeth

  • Faulty dentures

  • Gums diseases 

What is the procedure for Complete denture Surgery?

During the complete denture surgery, the steps involved include;

  • Taking the impressions: The first step for a complete denture procedure involves taking the impressions using alginate, silicone, or zinc oxide eugenol on a tray.

  • Fabricated and articulating the model: The dentist fabricates the bite rim and custom impression tray. A relationship is built between the jaws for the proper functioning of the teeth.

  • Teeth setting: The artificial teeth are set up involving the desired occlusions to best fit the patient’s mouth.

  • Denture finishing and polishing: The denture is treated under pressure to attain the required hardness. It is then finished and polished as per the requirement of the patient.

  • Placing the complete denture: The dentist places the prepared denture in the mouth. Instructions are given to take care of while you wear the dentures. Frequent dental check-ups are also advised.

What are the Risks & Complications Associated with Complete denture surgery?

The risks and complications associated with a complete denture procedure include;

  • Pain and discomfort

  • Dental instability

  • Midline fracture

  • Deboning of teeth

  • Burning mouth syndrome (BMS)

  • Speech disturbances

  • Excessive salivation

What to expect after a Complete denture surgery?

The slight discomfort and pain associated with a complete denture are very common. It may take a while for the patient to adjust to the dentures. Blood oozes out generally during the initial 24-72 hours following the surgery. It subsides on its own, however, if the symptoms get worse, consult your dentist.

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