Condylectomy is a surgical procedure for the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). The surgery involves the removal of the condyle which forms a joint in the lower jawbone to connect it to the skeleton. During the condylectomy, the portion of the condyle is removed to correct the positioning of the jawbone. This corrects the facial symmetry. This restores the restricted jaw movements.

What is the cost of Condylectomy surgery in Pakistan?

The consultation fee of the dentists for condylectomy surgery in Pakistan ranges between 1000-2000 PKR. The cost of condylectomy surgery varies depending on the dentist and the dental clinic. 

What diagnosis leads to Condylectomy?

Condylectomy is prescribed for TMJ when the pharmacological therapy fails. The symptoms indicating mandibular joint include restricted lower jaw movement, asymmetrical face, and pain in the lower jaw during talking, chewing, or any other movement.

What is the procedure for Condylectomy Surgery?

Condylectomy is a major surgery that takes 3-4 hours to complete. During the surgery;

  • The dental surgeon starts with general anesthesia to numb the body for avoiding pain during the surgery.

  • A small incision is made near the crease of your ear to expose the condyle.

  • The portion of the condyle is removed using specialized instruments.

  • After that, another surgery is performed to stop the condyle from growing again.

  • Stitches are placed after the completion of the surgery.

  • These stitches are removed after almost a week.

What are the risks & complications associated with Condylectomy surgery?

Condylectomy for TMJ is a complicated procedure. In rare cases, certain complications and risks are associated with the surgery including;

  • Scarring

  • Facial nerve injury

  • Restricted jaw movements 

What to expect after a Condylectomy?

A slight discomfort and pressure may be felt when the anesthesia wears off.

  •  The jaw movement is restricted until the stitches are intact. 

  • Various physiotherapy exercises are prescribed to restore jaw movement.

  • Medication to manage the pain is prescribed as well.

  • The dentist recommends eating a soft diet that doesn’t involve chewing. 

No movement immediately, physiotherapeutic sessions, pain managing medication, soft diet

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