Excision Of Vulvar Lesions

Excision of vulvar lesions is a surgical procedure used for the removal of abnormal or diseased vulvar tissues from the external female genitalia namely the vulva. Vulvar lesions include - precancerous or cancerous lesions, genital warts, cysts, or other abnormal tissues. This surgical procedure can help reduce the symptoms and risks of developing vulvar cancer. The surgical techniques used for the procedure depend on the lesion location.

What is the cost of Excision of Vulvar Lesions?

The consultation fee of a doctor for the excision of vulvar lesions in Pakistan ranges between 500-3500 PKR per session. However, the doctor's fee varies depending on the number of sessions.

What diagnosis leads to Excision of Vulvar Lesions?

The following diagnosis leads to the excision of vulvar lesions:

  • Precancerous or abnormal vulvar tissues

  • Vulvar cancer

  • Genital warts 

  • Vulvar cysts or abscesses

  • Chronic vulvar inflammation 

What is the procedure for the Excision of Vulvar Lesions?

Once the gynecological issue is diagnosed and surgical intervention is recommended, your gynecologist will follow this procedure for the Excision of Vulvar Lesions:

  • Once your vulvar condition is diagnosed, the gynecologist will perform vulvar surgery by following this procedure:

  • You will be given anesthesia to reduce pain symptoms during the surgical procedure.

  • The gynecologist will clean the surgical site with the help of a clean cloth.

  • Your healthcare provider will mark the area 

  • Using a surgical marker, the healthcare provider will mark the boundaries of the vulva to ensure exact tissue removal. 

  • Following the marked area, the surgeon will excise the vulvar tissues. This is done using surgical instruments - such as scalpels, scissors, and a few more.

  • Once the marked tissues are removed, the incision will be closed either through sutures or stitches.

After completing the surgical procedure, the nature of the lesion is determined with the help of diagnostic testing and techniques.

What are the risks & complications associated with the Excision of Vulvar Lesions?

The risks & complications associated with the Excision of Vulvar Lesions include:

  • Increased risk of developing an infection at the treated site

  • Mild or prolonged bleeding even after stitching the surgical site

  • Frequent pain symptoms

  • Prolonged wound healing

  • Scarring at the surgical site

The reduce these risks and complications, it is necessary to take care of yourself. Also, following your doctor’s advice can help cope with these risks. 

What to expect after the Excision of Vulvar Lesions?

The common symptoms you can expect after the excision of vulvar lesions include:

  • Mild or severe pain and discomfort, especially when you walk.

  • Swelling and bruising of the surgical site for the first post-surgical 24 hours are common. 

  • The surgeon will recommend you avoid heavy exercises or lifting heavy objects.

  • Your gynecologist will ask you for several scheduled visits to evaluate your healing and overall well-being. 

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