Gingival Contouring

Gingival Contouring

Gingival contouring is a cosmetic periodontal procedure that is also known as gingival sculpting which helps to reshape the gumline. It is also effective to improve the appearance of the smile and oral health if you have periodontal disease.

What is the cost of Gingival Contouring in Pakistan?

Gingival contouring cost in Pakistan ranges between 20,000-30,000 PKR. The cost may depend on the dentist's clinic location and the severity of the gum condition. 

What diagnosis leads to Gingival Contouring?

The major diagnosis that may lead to gingival contouring include; 

  • Gums that easily bleed

  • Aggressive tooth brushing 

  • Plaque accumulated along the gingival margin

What is the Procedure for a Gingival Contouring?

The procedure for gingival contouring includes the following steps:

  • Your dentist will thoroughly examine your excess tissue and develop a personalized treatment plan according to your unique oral health needs. 

  • The dentist will numb your gums with local anesthesia to perform gingival contouring. 

  • A small incision will be made where there is excess tissue. 

  • Dentists can also use a laser to remove some tissue and speed up healing. 

  • Once all excess tissue is removed, sutures may be used to make sure there is no bleeding or infection.

  • Antibiotics may be given to patients for protection against infection. 

What are the Risks & Complications Associated with Gingival Contouring?

The most common risks and complications associated with gingival contouring include;

  • The risk of infection may develop 

  • Changes in gum appearances

  • Bleeding which can lead to hematoma 

What to Expect After Gingival Contouring?

You may expect the following after gingival contouring;

  • It is common to experience some sore, sensitive, or swollen gums.

  • You may feel pain but it can fade away within 10 days after the treatment.

  • You should eat some soft food and avoid eating spicy foods.

  • After your gum contouring, it's crucial to brush and floss as gently as you can for a couple of weeks.

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