Ridge Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation surgery is a dental procedure performed after tooth extraction to reshape the jawline and gums. This surgery helps reconstruct any bone lost during the extraction or other dental conditions including periodontal. The contouring of the alveolar ridges also helps reshape the gums to support any future dental implants. The surgery is performed by a dental surgeon under local anesthesia. This augmentation can be either soft or hard tissue ridge augmentation.

What is the cost of Ridge Augmentation surgery?

The cost of ridge augmentation surgery in Pakistan ranges between 20,000-30,000 PKR. The price of the surgery varies depending on the dentist and the location of the dental clinic

What diagnosis leads to Ridge Augmentation surgery?

Ridge augmentation is surgery performed to repair bone loss after dental extraction, periodontal diseases, or any dental defects. This is particularly useful as it smoothens the surface for dental implants in the future. 

What is the procedure for Ridge Augmentation Surgery?

The step-by-step procedure for ridge augmentation surgery includes;

  • Local anesthesia is injected to numb the site of concern.

  • A small incision is made in the gum close to the site of augmentation. This lifts the gum tissue and exposes the underlying bone.

  • Suitable bone grafting material is chosen and filled in place. It is secured properly to prevent any complications. 

  • The grafting is locked in place using screws or membranes. 

  • After that, the gum tissue is sutured again to heal and adjust to the new position. 

What are the Risks & Complications Associated with Ridge Augmentation surgery?

Ridge Augmentation surgery is considered safe but a few complications that may occur in rare cases include;

Infection: The treatment may result in bacterial invasion or worsening of the existing cavities in the nearby areas. This results in infection at the augmented site.

Swelling and Bleeding: The ridge augmentation may cause inflammation of the gum tissue and severe bleeding. If it occurs, report it immediately to the doctor. 

Graft failure: In rare cases, the bone that is grafted may not integrate with the existing jaw. This results in swelling and intense pain. 

Allergic reaction: The material used in augmentation or the medication that is prescribed can result in hypersensitivity in some individuals. 

Sinus issues: If the upper jaw: If the ridge augmentation surgery involves the upper jaw, sinus-related issues may occur. 

What to expect after a Ridge Augmentation surgery?

As soon as the anesthesia wears off, pain and irritation are quite common. The doctor prescribes antibiotics to prevent the risk of any infection. The after-care involves the maintenance of good oral hygiene and a soft diet.

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