Scar Revision Surgery

Scar Revision Surgery

Scar revision surgery is a specialized procedure designed to improve or reduce the appearance of scars. It also aims to restore the skin's function in areas where movement may be restricted due to scar tissue. Various techniques, from minimally invasive treatments to more complex surgeries, are utilized depending on the scar's type, size, and location. By enhancing the skin's appearance and flexibility, scar revision can boost a person's confidence and overall quality of life.

What is the cost of scar revision surgery?

The price of scar revision surgery in Pakistan ranges between 500-3000 PKR. The exact price can vary depending on the dermatologist you consult.

What diagnosis leads to scar revision surgery?

Some of the major scars that need surgical treatment include;

  • Hypertrophic Scars

  • Discoloration or Surface Irregularities

  • Scars causing functional impairment

  • Keloids

  • Contractures

  • Atrophic Scars

  • Facial Scars

What is the procedure for scar revision?

The steps involved in scar revision surgery include the following;

  • The area around the scar is cleaned, and hair may be trimmed or shaved to clear the surgical site.

  • General or local anesthesia is administered to numb the area. 

  • The surgeon uses a scalpel to cut or excise the scar from both sides.

  • If required, the surgeon may realign the skin to reduce the tension and make the scars less prominent. This is known as “Z or W plasty” depending on the technique.

  • After excising the scar, the surgeon will combine and suture the skin edges.

  • Once the wound is closed, it is covered with sterile bandages to protect it from infection and aid in healing.

What to expect after scar revision surgery?

After scar revision surgery, patients can expect pain, swelling, and redness in the treated area, which medications can manage. Proper wound care, including cleanliness and following the surgeon's post-operative guidelines, is vital for optimal healing.  Antibiotic ointments are also prescribed to protect the infection and reduce the discomfort.

What are the risks and complications associated with scar revision surgery?

The possible risks associated with scar revision surgery include;

  • Wound Dehiscence

  • Infection

  • Allergic Reactions

  • Hematoma or Seroma Formation

  • Poor Scar Healing

  • Skin Discoloration or Pigmentation Changes

  • Recurrent Scar Formation

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