Surgical Extraction (Wisdom Tooth Or Any Other)

Surgical Extraction (Wisdom Tooth Or Any Other)

When a wisdom tooth is impacted, infected, or creating other dental problems, a dentist may perform a surgical extraction to remove it. In contrast to a simple extraction, which entails removing a tooth that is visible, a surgical extraction can call for making incisions in the gums and removing bone tissue to reach the impacted wisdom teeth. 

The treatment is normally carried out under local anesthesia, and the patient might be given pain medication as well as advice on how to care for themselves afterward in order to promote healing and lower the chance of complications like infection or dry socket.

What is the cost of Surgical Extraction for wisdom or any other tooth?

Surgical Extraction surgery costs in Pakistan can range from around 10,000– 30,000 PKR.

What diagnosis leads to Surgical Extraction?

Following are the medical problems that may lead you toward surgical extraction of wisdom teeth.

  • Partial or full tooth decay

  • Having a visible tooth above the gumline

  • Infection involving wisdom teeth

  • Cysts or Tumors in the teeth

What is the Procedure for Surgical Extraction?

The procedure for the surgical extraction is given below.

  • To relax the patient and numb the area around the tooth, local anesthesia is used. 

  • To access the impacted wisdom tooth, the dentist may create incisions in the gums and/or remove bone tissue.

  • Using specialized tools, the tooth is delicately extracted.

  • To prevent infections, the region is carefully cleaned.

  • To close the incisions and aid in healing, the dentist or oral surgeon may use stitches.

  • The patient is given aftercare instructions, which may include painkillers, antibiotics, and certain guidelines for diet and dental hygiene.

It's significant to note that the precise steps of a surgical wisdom tooth extraction operation can change based on the position and intricacy of the impacted tooth, as well as the needs and preferences of the particular patient. The patient may occasionally receive post-operative advice from the dentist or oral surgeon on how to manage swelling and discomfort, such as utilizing ice packs or warm compresses.

What are the Risks & Complications Associated with Surgical Extraction?

The risks and complications associated with surgical extraction are given below.

  • Swelling

  • Pain

  • Trismus

  • Prolonged bleeding

  • Dry socket

  • Infection

  • Sensory alterations of the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) or lingual nerve (LN)

What to Expect After Surgical Extraction?

After surgical extraction, you may experience some pain when the anesthesia wears off. You may also experience residual bleeding and swelling for 24 hours after surgery. And if the pain or inflammation does not go after these hours, then it is advised to call a dentist. Avoid using straws and do not swallow or spit vigorously. 

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