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Doctors For Appendicitis In Samundri

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Dr. Muhammad Azeem Imran

General Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon

MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), MCPS (Family Medicine)

Abdominal Surgery, Breast Cancer Surgery +17 more





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Nemat Clinic, nehar bazar, Samundri

02:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Available Tomorrow
Rs. 1,000

How can I find treatment of Appendicitis?

Marham enlists the best doctors for cholera treatment in Samundri. Book an appointment or online consultation with a doctor for the management of cholera. Consult the most experienced specialists for cholera disease based on their qualifications, patient reviews, location, and fees.

What is Cholera?

Cholera is a bacterial infectious disease that causes severe watery diarrhea. It can even lead to death due to dehydration. It is caused by eating food or drinking water contaminated with Bacteria. 

What are the causes of Cholera?

Cholera is caused by the Vibrio cholera bacterium and is transmitted through contaminated food and water. It is also transmitted by eating the raw or undercooked meat.

What are the symptoms of Cholera?

The symptoms of Cholera include;

  • Severe watery diarrhea and vomiting

  • Loss of skin elasticity and severe dehydration

  • Low blood pressure and rapid heart rate

What is the treatment for Cholera?

The primary goal of cholera therapy is rehydration. This is done by intravenous fluid replacement. The treatment of cholera also involves antibiotics and supplements containing zinc.

How to prevent Cholera infection?

To prevent cholera disease;

  • Avoid eating contaminated food and drinking contaminated water

  • Wash your hands regularly before eating

  • Get cholera vaccine 

Consult the best doctor for cholera treatment in Samundri now to avoid any complications. You can also book a video consultation through Marham to discuss your symptoms with the most experienced cholera doctor in Samundri

Frequently Asked Questions

Click Here To book your appointment with a specialist of Appendicitis. You can also book your appointment with a specialist of Appendicitis by calling at 042-32591427 or 0311-1222398. There are no extra charges for booking through Marham.

No, there are no extra charges to book an appointment through marham.pk

The fee for specialists of Appendicitis in samundri varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

Top 1 Appendicitis Doctors in Samundri are:

  1. Dr. Muhammad Azeem Imran

1 Appendicitis Doctors in Samundri are:

  1. Dr. Muhammad Azeem Imran