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Doctors For Coronary Artery Disease In Jamshoro

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How can I find treatment of Coronary Artery Disease?

Coronary artery disease, which is also termed ‘coronary heart disease’, usually appears as the coronary arteries become dangerously narrow. Coronary arteries basically provide the heart with nutrients and oxygen via blood.

The condition usually begins as the artery walls slowly build up due to cholesterol. This building up results in plaque formation which in turn narrows the arteries. As the arteries become narrow, the blood supply also becomes more inhibited. Furthermore, the source of obstruction could also sometimes be a clot.

The role that coronary arteries play is very crucial. They make up a web which surrounds the heart’s surface. This web is responsible for the blood and oxygen supply to the heart. Hence, if coronary arteries become narrow, it can certainly happen that the heart becomes deficient in oxygen. This could become a problem, especially if the person is very physically active.

The even worse consequence is heart attack or cardiac arrest. This heart complication is a very common heart condition all over the world.