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Doctors For Vaginal Cancer In Hyderabad

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How can I find treatment of Vaginal Cancer?

It is a rare form of cancer that forms in the vagina. It occurs in the tube that connects the uterus and genitalia. This cancer occurs in the cells of the vagina that are in the lines of the birth canal. It may occur due to some sexually transmitted disease, infection, or radiation exposure of the pelvic region. There are many types of cancer in the body that can spread in the vagina. Early diagnosis of vaginal cancer has a chance of cure, otherwise, the consequence could be fatal. When cancer spreads out of the vagina is more fatal and treatment of that stage of cancer is not possible. Unusual vaginal bleeding especially after sexual intercourse or after menopause is a clear sign of this cancer. Some other symptoms like Watery vaginal discharge lump in the vagina, painful and frequent urination, constipation, and severe pelvic pain are also associated with it. Like all other cancers for vaginal cancer treatment chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgical excision are recommended.