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How can I find treatment of Penile Implant Surgery Artificial?

What is penile implant surgery?

A penile implant also called penile prosthesis surgery involves the placement of a device inside the penis in men with erectile dysfunction (ED) to induce erection. Sexual dysfunction is when men face difficulty in normal penis erection. 

When all other treatment options for erectile dysfunction fail, penile implant surgery in Faisalabad is performed. It is a surgical procedure involving the placement of a rod attached to a pump that is placed inside the scrotum.

Why is penile implant surgery performed?

Penile implant surgery is the last option in the treatment of erectile dysfunction when all other treatment plans fail. The surgery is performed in men who fail to achieve an erection with medication or a penis pump. It may also be performed in individuals who have penis scarring leading to a curved erection.

Types of penile implants

On the basis of parts of the device or the degree of flaccidity provided, penile implants or rods are divided into the following types;

  • Inflatable implants:

They are inflated when erection is required and can be deflated afterward. It has two subtypes, two-piece inflatable implants and three-piece inflated implants (they have 2 inflatable cylinders in the penis)

  • Semi-rigid rod implants:

These implants are firm in either condition and can be bent in the required direction during and after sexual activity.

The procedure of penile implant surgery in Faisalabad

Penile implant surgery is performed in the outpatient department and may last for 60-80 mins. The step-by-step procedure of penile implant surgery includes the following steps;

  • General or spinal anesthesia is given and the area is shaved.

  • A urine bag is attached and an IV line is introduced to deliver antibiotics.

  • The incision is made in the lower abdomen or at the head of the penis.

  • The tissue in the penis is stretched and the implant is placed in the penis.

  • The incision is then closed.

  • Painkillers may be prescribed for a few days and generally, a quick recovery is expected.

Is penile implant surgery painful?

Penile implant surgery in Faisalabad is performed under anesthesia and is minimally painful. Mild soreness can be felt for a week or two but can be managed by using painkillers for a few days after the surgery.

Pain while urinating may occur for a day or so after the surgery but subsides on its own after the said time.

Risks pertaining to penile implants

The risks involved in penile implant surgery are;

  • Infection might occur at the site of incision, like in any other surgery

  • In some cases, the implant may malfunction. It can be removed or replaced by another surgery. However, if no new implant is required, the broken one can be left in place

  • Some implants may wear out or stick to the skin of the penis. However, this condition is rare and may occur due to infection.

What is the cost of penile implant surgery in Faisalabad?

The average cost of penile implant surgery varies on the basis of the doctor or locality. However, the price range generally ranges between 500-5000.

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