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Who Is A Urologist?

A urologist or a urologic surgeon is a medical specialist who specializes in identifying, detecting, and treating urinary tract (kidney, ureter, urethra, bladder) infections in men and women. They also deal with male reproductive health and the issues pertaining to it.

They may do surgery in some instances depending on the condition of the disease. They may, for example, remove tumors, cancer, or any obstruction in the urinary tract. You can find urologists in many locations, such as hospitals, private clinics, and urological diagnostic centers.

The best urologist can examine any region of the urinary tract physically or through the reports of ultrasound, including the following:

  • The kidneys, which are the organs responsible for filtering waste from the blood in order to form urine.

  • The ureters - the tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

  • The bladder - the hollow sac that holds urine temporarily before excreting it out of the body.

  • The urethra - the tube via which urine exits the body from the bladder.

  • Urologists also treat disorders related to the male reproductive system.

What are the urological procedures performed by urologists in Pakistan?

A urologist (Bladder Specialist) is a renal and male reproductive health specialist who diagnoses, treats, prevents and manages a number of genitourinary conditions. They also provide surgical and nonsurgical services to perform a number of procedures including;

  • Physical examination

  • Digital rectal exam

  • Vasectomy (blocking sperm from entering the semen to prevent fertilization)

  • Cystoscopy (Bladder evaluation to diagnose the disease)

  • Prostate surgeries

  • Lithotripsy to treat kidney stones

  • Nephrectomy to remove kidneys

  • Ureteral reimplantation (to prevent backflow of the urine).

When to see a Urologist?

If you are a resident of Chichawatni and experiencing any of the urinary tract or male reproductive health conditions that need special medical attention and treatment such as urinary incontinence, frequent urination, blood in urine, erectile dysfunction, kidney stones, or any other such symptoms of disease, immediately consult a urologist. The urologists listed below are some of the best in the country and are capable of handling even the most complex cases. So if you're in need of urologists, don't hesitate to seek out help.

What are the different types of urology in Pakistan?

Urology is divided into different subspecialties and hence different types of urologists treat the diseases under these subspecialties.

The subspecialties of urology according to the American urology association include;

  • Pediatric urology: The oncologists specialize in dealing with urinary tract diseases in children such as bedwetting, pain while urinating, blood in urine, certain genital issues, etc.

  • Urologic oncology: This subspeciality deals with cancer pertaining to the urinary system in men and women as well as the male reproductive system such as testicular cancer, bladder cancer, or prostate cancer.

  • Renal transplant urology: The urologists dealing with kidney transplants involve both medical and surgical interventions to deal with all the conditions related to the kidney transplant.

  • Male infertility: Male infertility is treated by a type of urologist that is specialized in the male reproductive system and treats conditions like erectile dysfunction, low sperm production, loss of libido, and other issues causing male infertility.

  • Female urology: It involves urologists that specialize in dealing with the female urinary tract and related issues like pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic floor pain, urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, blood in urine, etc.

  • Neuro urology: This is the branch of urology in which urologists deal with central nervous system control and neuronal interventions to manage the conditions related to the male reproductive system and male and female urinary system. Birth defects of the brain or spinal cord, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease etc may result in neuro urologic conditions.

What are some of the common conditions treated by urologists?

Urologists (Urinary Tract specialists) address an extensive range of disorders affecting the urinary system and the male reproductive system.

In Men:

Urologists in Pakistan may treat issues related to;

  • Urinary bladder, kidney, penis, testicular, adrenal, and prostate cancers

  • Enlargement of the prostate gland

  • Prolong bladder pain

  • Erectile dysfunction or difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection

  • Infertility issues

  • Interstitial cystitis is commonly known as painful bladder syndrome

  • Kidney stones

  • Elevated PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)

  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs), varicoceles (enlarged veins in the scrotum), swollen veins in the scrotum, and epididymal cysts are all symptoms of prostatitis, which is inflammation of the prostate gland

In Women:

Women should consult urologist in Chichawatni regarding the following issues;

  • Malignancies of the bladder, kidneys, and adrenal glands, bladder prolapse, or the dropping of the bladder into the vagina

  • Interstitial cystitis 

  • Urinary incontinence

In Children:

You should consult a urologist online if your child experiences;

  • Bedwetting

  • Urinary tract obstructions and other urinary tract disorders

What Should You Keep in Mind While Selecting the Best Urologist in Chichawatni?

The field of urology is one of the most diverse and wide-ranging fields in all of medicine. The best urologist is a doctor who has dedicated their practice to diagnosing and treating disorders and diseases that affect the urinary tract and male reproductive system. It means that urologists can treat a wide variety of conditions, both common and rare.

When selecting a urologist, it is important to ensure the following criteria;

  • Qualification: The urologist you are choosing must have the required qualifications

  • Services: Check whether the doctor is providing the services you need

  • Patient reviews: The doctor must have positive patient reviews

It's also vital to find a doctor who is available when you need them and is cost-effective.

If you need a urologist in Chichawatni, the best way is to search for a doctor who offers online consultation. Marham offers an easy appointment service for all.

Urologists use multiple techniques or methods to diagnose and treat problems, including taking your medical history, physical examination, ultrasound analysis, and laboratory tests. 

What are the Qualifications of a Urologist?

A medical degree is required to work as a licensed urologist. Urology specialists must complete the five-year MBBS program. When a urologist completes the required medical school requirements and has completed the house job, he/she undergoes a residency and training program in a urology specialty hospital. The duration of residency is 5 years, at the end of which the student must pass a board exam in the area of specialization. 

How can you Identify Certified Urologists?

If you or someone you know has been suffering from a problem that affects the urinary system, it is important to seek the help of a urology consultant. All of the urologic surgeons listed at Marham are extremely qualified and experienced and can provide you with the best care for your specific condition. You can book appointments with any of them through Marham.

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