Best ENT Specialists In Pakistan

ENT is one of the oldest medical specialties. It is involved with the medical and surgical treatment of diseases and conditions affecting ear, nose, throat plus related organs in the head and neck. Professionals specializing in ENT are termed as ENT specialists or otolaryngologists. In ear diseases and disorders like hearing loss, ear infections, balance disorders and congenital ear problems come under the scope of this specialty. Regarding nose ENT deals with problems like sinusitis, polyps, smell disorders and nasal congestions. For throat ENT offers medical and surgical treatments for conditions affecting pharynx, larynx, aero-digestive tract and oral cavity. In head and neck ENT encompasses treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous tumors, facial deformities and infections. Cosmetic and restorative surgery for these problems is also done under the care of this specialty. Here is a list of best ENT Specialists in Pakistan.