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A nephrologist is a specialist of kidney care and diseases affecting the kidney. They treat and manage conditions like glomerular/vascular disorders, tubular/interstitial disorders, hypertension, kidney transplant and dialysis. They also manage acute kidney failure, chronic kidney disease and interpret kidney x-rays and sonograms. They are also expert in surgical procedures involved in dialysis like catheter placement and vascular access. To seek out the care of nephrologist here is a list of best nephrologists in {{city}

My wife has been under the care of Dr. Salman Shafi for last few years. She has become critically ill at least twice and she recovered remarkably each time with the meticulous and compassionate care of the doctor. I am completely...

His waiting time at national hospital was less than 30 min. He spent 25 min. and explained me all about kidney disease and adjusted my medicines. I am doing better and my kidney disease is better now. Mazhar Gondal

Dr. Aurangzeb is devoted and the dedicated towards patient's sufferings. Alhamdulillah, my mother got better from a critical condition and dialysis is no more needed. Without any doubt, the best Nephrologist in the town. Really ni...

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