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Dr. Naeem Ahmed Soomro


MBBS, FCPS (Dermatology)

Carbon Peel, Burn Surgery +30 more




8 years



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06:30 PM - 08:00 PM

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Rs. 1,500

Irfan Hussain Medical Centre, Jail Road, Larkana

04:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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Rs. 500

Dr. Muneeba


MBBS, Diploma In Dermatology

Acne Scar Treatment, Cryotherapy And Electrocautery +22 more


5 years

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05:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Rs. 750

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Need to see a dermatologist in Larkana for the best treatment of your skin conditions? Marham makes it easy to book an appointment with a top skin specialist in your area. Our dermatologists are highly trained and experienced in treating a range of dermatological issues, including acne, eczema, hair loss, warts removal, and more. Trust Marham to connect you with the top verified and best dermatologist in Larkana to meet your specific skin care needs and get the highest quality care available.

Who is a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a skin doctor who specializes in skin, hair, and nail care. A dermatologist in Larkana is trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of skin conditions, as well as provide cosmetic procedures for enhanced appearance. Dermatologists are crucial for maintaining healthy skin and hair.

What is Dermatology?

Dermatology is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the skin, hair, and nails. It encompasses both medical and surgical approaches. A dermatologist is a highly trained physician who specializes in the management of skin-related diseases and certain cosmetic concerns.

What does a Dermatologist do?

A dermatologist in Larkana provides services for diagnosing and treating skin-related conditions. The skin doctor also deals with abnormalities of skin, hair, and nails. The skin specialist provides cosmetic services as well to improve the appearance and tone of the skin, including:

  • Diagnose and treat conditions affecting the skin, and hair

  • Perform medical and surgical procedures to treat skin conditions

  • Prescribe medications to treat skin all types of skin conditions

What conditions does a Dermatologist treat?

A dermatologist is an expert skin doctor in treating a range of skin conditions;

  • EczemaA  condition that makes your skin red and itchy and is treated by your dermatologist using ointments and creams

  • PimplesThey are small pustules that are raised on the skin due to excessive sebum production and dust which are routinely managed by a dermatologist based on the severity of the skin condition

  • Dermatitis: A dermatologist treats red itchy rash and inflamed skin by prescribing skin creams and moisturizers 

  • Acne: Clogging hair follicles with oil, dirt, or dead cells can cause acne. The best dermatologist determines the severity to prescribe required skin ointments

  • Hair loss: A dermatologist provides treatment for hair loss using injections, medicines, and laser therapy

  • WartsYour skin doctor provides peeling medicines or removes the skin outgrowths and moles through surgical excision. They also help to prevent fungal infections causing such conditions.

A dermatologist also deals with autoimmune skin conditions like athlete’s foot,  psoriasis, and other relevant diseases such as nail clubbing, discoloration, etc.

When should you see a Dermatologist in Larkana?

For skin conditions like acne scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, rashes, or inflamed skin, booking an appointment with the best dermatologist in Larkana is recommended. Moreover, if you are experiencing any symptoms that affect your skin, hair, or nails, it is important to see a skin specialist for proper treatment which includes;

  • Itchy and dry skin

  • Dandruff

  • Acne 

  • Nail discoloration

  • Skin allergies

  • Hair loss

  • Skin outgrowths

Book an appointment with the skin specialist in Larkana for any of these symptoms rather than treating them yourself. A skin specialist can help you with cosmetic procedures as well if you need to improve your look and tone of skin, hair, and nails. A dermatologist in Larkana offers a wide range of invasive and noninvasive skin treatments including skin whitening, skin tightening, Psoriasis, Laser hair removal, Rosacea, Dermal fillers, and hair transplants.

How does a Dermatologist Diagnose a skin condition for treatment?

A dermatologist detects skin diseases through a physical examination of the affected area. For a detailed screening, a skin culture, biopsy, patch test, or dermoscopy may be performed by the skin specialist in Larkana.

What is the main area of concern of a Dermatologist/Skin specialist?

A Skin Specialist/dermatologist is concerned with the following different areas to treat various skin, hair, and nail illnesses;

  • Diagnosing the diseases 

  • Treating and managing skin, hair, or nail concerns 

  • Improving appearance using the cosmetic procedures

What are the procedures performed by a Skin specialist/Dermatologist in Larkana?

Dermatologists perform different procedures to diagnose, treat, and manage skin conditions. Some of the procedures performed by a dermatologist in Larkana include;

  • HydraFacial

  • Chemical peel

  • Mohs surgery

  • Microneedling

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Whitening treatment

What are the types of Dermatologists?

A Dermatologist may specialize in any of the following subspecialties to provide expertise for treating various skin concerns;

Medical Dermatologist: A dermatologist who cures ailments of skin, hair, and nails which improves the overall body health.

Surgical Dermatologist: A dermatologic surgeon qualifies to perform surgical skin procedures after specializing in surgical dermatology.

Dermatopathologist: The dermatologist who specializes in the field of both dermatology and pathology and undergoes microscopic studies of diagnostic samples is known as a dermatopathologist.

Pediatric Dermatologist: Highly skilled dermatologists specializing in identifying and treating skin conditions in children. 

Cosmetic Dermatologist: The cosmetologist deals with providing cosmetic treatments concerning skin concerns.

What type of Training and Experience does a Dermatologist have in Pakistan?

To become a dermatologist in Pakistan, the following qualifications are required;

  • 5-year MBBS degree followed by the house job

  • FCPS in Dermatology 

  • Postgraduate specialization and fellowships 

  • Extensive practical experience

Why Choose Marham to Book an Appointment with the best Dermatologist in Larkana?

Marham is Pakistan’s number 1 healthcare platform. You can consult the best dermatologist in Larkana listed on Marham for all the skin issues based on the following;

  • Doctor’s fee: Use the fee range filter to consult the top verified and best doctors according to your choice who are experts in their field.

  • Doctors near you: The “Doctors near you” filter enables you to book a consultation based on the location of the dermatology clinic/hospital that best suits your nearby area.

  • Patient reviews: To ensure a reliable healthcare experience, select a top skin specialist in Larkana based on the patient reviews and the resulting patient satisfaction score.

  • Services offered: Select the best skin doctor who provides the required dermatological services according to your requirements

  •  Experience: Consult an experienced top dermatologist in Larkana based on their experience to acquire the best dermatological care.

Book an appointment or online video consultation with the top skin specialist in Larkana using the above filters. This enables you to get the best dermatological treatment for all your related conditions.

Authored By : Dr. Naeem Ahmed Soomro

Reviewed By : Dr. Muneeba

Frequently Asked Questions

Which symptoms and issues are treated by Dermatologists in Larkana?

Dermatologists specialists in Larkana provide the best services and treat issues like Whitening Injections, Microneedling, Acne Scar Treatment, Hydrafacial, Chemical Peeling, Removal Of Moles & Warts, CO2 Fractional Laser , Picosure Laser, Cryotherapy And Electrocautery , Q Switch Laser, Burn Surgery

Who is the best Dermatologist in Larkana?

Following are the best dermatologists in Larkana:

  1. Dr. Naeem Ahmed Soomro

Which dermatologists are available for online consultation?

The following is the list of dermatologists/skin specialists who are available for online video consultation today:

  1. Dr. Naeem Ahmed Soomro

How do you choose a Dermatologist in Larkana?

You can choose the dermatologist in Larkana based on their experience, patient reviews, services, qualification, and locations through Marham.

How much does a Dermatologist cost in Larkana?

The fee for a dermatologist in Larkana generally ranges between 500 to 3000 PKR.

Who is the top skin specialist in Larkana?

Here's the list of top skin specialists in Larkana:

  1. Dr. Naeem Ahmed Soomro

Do you have dermatologist under 1000 in Larkana?

Marham lists affordable dermatologists where you can consult with them for under Rs. 1000. Here's the list:

  1. Dr. Naeem Ahmed Soomro

Who is the most experienced Dermatologist in Larkana?

The following are the most experienced Dermatologists in Larkana: 

  1. Dr. Naeem Ahmed Soomro

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