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Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin. It is a speciality with both medical and surgical aspects. (description credits, Wikipedia)
Dermatologists are specialists who work to diagnose and treat broad areas of skin conditions. These specialists are trained to identify an issue by looking at the skin. Moreover, dermatology specialists can also identify symptoms visible on the skin that indicate issues including internal conditions, i.e. stomach issues, kidneys and thyroid.
Derma doctors also deal with issues that are related to age, sun damage, skin cancer and are competent enough to carry out skin grafts, laser treatments, the excision of lesions, warts, etc. They treat and diagnose almost 3000 issues related to our skin.

Common Dermatology Procedures

Derma specialists are trained to work on a wide range of procedures that are medical and cosmetic and are affecting the skin, nails and hair. 

Here are some procedures that they perform:

- Chemical Peels

This dermatology procedure involves applying a chemical solution to the skin which causes the upper damaged layer to peel off and reveal the newly regenerated skin which is healthier and smoother.

- Cosmetic Injections

These injections are used to treat wrinkles, scarring, or fillers such as collagen and fat. This procedure is done during an in-clinic visit to the cosmetic dermatologist.

- Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is another famous dermatology treatment that can quickly deal with issues such as warts and moles and can give you clean skin in no time.

- Dermabrasion

This derma procedure targets the appearance of the skin by treating scar tissue, fine wrinkles and tattoos, and potential cancerous areas of skin.

- Hair Restoration or Removal

Dermatologists can use various procedures to treat hair loss that includes PRP hair treatment and also, transplantation.

- Vein Procedures

Many people suffer from spider veins and for that, they consult a dermatologist to get it removed.

- Skin Grafts

Derma doctors are also trained to restore missing, burnt or damaged skin using skin from other parts of the body.

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