Best Cardiologists/Heart Specialists In Swabi

Cardiologists are professionals trained to find, diagnose and treat diseases and abnormalities affecting the functioning of heart and blood vessels. These are the persons who studied and practiced for a span of ten years or more to become caregivers for this specialty. They deal with disease conditions like cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, coronary artery disease, angina, valve disorders and atrial fibrillation etc. They conduct tests like ECG, CABG, blood tests and x-rays to diagnose and treat diseases affecting a person.

If you are experiencing symptoms like trouble in breathing, shortness of breath and dizziness you should consult a cardiologist. At your appointment you will be monitored for blood pressure, heart rhythms, weight, lungs performance and blood vessels condition. As per finding your cardiologist may prescribe medicines or counsel for lifestyle changes to avoid and minimize the risk of heart disorders.

You can find and consult with certified and Best Cardiologists in Swabi here.