Pains In The Left Arm And Chest

I was having sudden onsets of missed hearts beats or really fast heart beat with extreme anxiety. Pressure.on the chest, pain in the chest and left arm.i got my self checked from a cardiologist. My ECG, Echo and treadmill stress test are all clear. The doctor says that I have anxiety disorder. Buy the pain is real and it doesn't go away. I have pain in my back too on the left side. Like a pulled muscles. Stretching is a little difficult. I can carry weight easily. Climb stairs up and down easily. But that pain scares me.


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The pain looks like like to neurological or muscukoskeletal... Cervical pain has similar spectrum... Get yourself evaluated by a neurophysician


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Thank you Doctor. Are there any tests that you recommend

1 month ago

Dr. Muhammad Nabeel Akbar Chaudhry
Dr. Muhammad Nabeel Akbar Chaudhry - Interventional Cardiologist

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Consult a neurophysician and follow the advice and tests of required.

1 month ago

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