I use to have bumps on my forehead like since forever. I never had any of the pimples on my cheeks. In november’17 i went to perform umrah where i need to had some meds to prevent periods. The day I started having those meds i noticed pimples on my cheeks and chin. And since then those pomples haven’t left my cheeks and chin. Plus i have oily skin and i also have slightest acne on my shoulders and area below neck. I want to eliminate all those pimples and bumps from my skin


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hello ,
if you have ongoing acne on the forehead and now its coming on to the shoulders back and neck then it needs to be treated if you want this to be settled.
there are various methods of treatment available.
it could b e topical or oral treatment.
please contact your local family physician for further advice.


Asma Salman Omer

Thank You Dr Kayani. This is helpful for me as well.

10 months ago


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Severe Acne requires careful assessment ,evaluation and treatment plan which varies from case to case . I dont have your complete medical history but still have reservations on your current treatment . On top of medical treatment we have other supportive options like chemical peels and blue light which give excellent control .Also acne scars and pigmentation are treated with antiscar serums and microneedling with 100% success

i suggest yo to talk to me on phone or visit clinic for a specific treatment plan required in your case.thanks.

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