i have nodular cystic acne on my face it is very severe any advice i have taken many medicines but no changes any advice?


MBBS, MCPS | Lahore

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It can be should visit a dermatologist in your area for this.


MBBS, D Derm, MCPS, FCPS | Karachi

The most important thing is that your case is to consult Dermatologist . Please discuss with him / her about appropriate treatment including the use of Oral Isotretinoin


Bashir Ahmad

I've struggled with acne all my life, since 16. I'm 21. I have whiteheads and blackheads over my skin, acne scars and facing a very bad pimples problem. It has increased in the past 15 days and leaving marks. Does nothing work on my skin? Please help about it what I do Please suggest treatment available in Pakistan and easily affordable.
Thanks in advance..!