Acne And Hair On Chin

i have pink spots and scars on my cheeks that last for ages. i have been having them since age 17. i have tried numerous natural remedies but they only work for a while before my skin breaks out again. i thought it was because of coffee or tea which i reduced to 3-5 cups of tea in a week and rarely ever drink coffee now. can you please tell what type of acne it is and what is the best course of treatment. i have been usuing acsolve and gallet cream given by a govt dermatologist and tbh it hasn't worked at all and if possible has worsened my condition. i have used tea tree oil, lemon oil (recently), honey, turmeric, anti acne serums, mud masks, acne cleansers and facewashes. my periods are regular, i do take a lot of stress because of my grades, i have mood swings and acne has diminished my self esteem over the course of years. i also have hair growing under my chin that are a bit long and curly. i may have pcos