Acne And Hirsutism

i have acne since my early teens.took many antibiotic therapies. but no use finally dermatologist prescribed me retinoids for 11 months.but 6 months after trtmnt with retinoids i again developed acne it's worsening.i am also suffering frm hirsutism for last 4-5 years now it is getting worse hair have started appearing on shoulders as well. i hv a very oily skin.i thnk i am suffering from PCOS but menses are ok not 28/5 but 30 or 32/5 or cushings disease but no purplish stria but i got symptoms of insulin resistance. m very much worried. i also have trunkal acne which results in keloid formation. much worried. whom should i consult an endocrinologist, gynacologist or dermatologist.


Marham Admin

Dr. Heba Saleem Please help


MBBS, Dip in Dermatology | Karachi

can u please present to the opd, you need to get your checkup done to rule out metabolic conditions and to assess the required treatment for your multiple issues.