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A.o.a. i have been suffering from acne problem for quite long time.. also used many facewashes and pimple clearing masks but it didnt work... i have also oily skin... i want to keep it dry.. plz suggest cure about this problem..

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There can be lot of factors affecting acne and tgere are also different types of acne. plz send pics for detailed review. Meanwhile use some good facewash like airol N.


amina Farooq

I use airol-N face wash after use this wash my skin is too much dry what can i apply after this face wash?

2 months ago

Dr. Aamir Chippa - Dermatologist

MBBS, DDCD | Karachi

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Apply acdermine gel at night on pimples


Asma Qaiser Qureshi

Firstly, u have to understand why does acne arise.

Main reasons for acne:

1. STRESS Stress stress!
2. Decreased water intake
3. Increased oily /fried food consumption
4. Hormones.
5. Clogged pores ( too much makeup)
6. Heredity (yes sadly)
7. Dandruff can also cause acne ( especially on forehead).
8. Some times acne arises due to excessive dryness also.
So basically, we all have oil glands on our face, for some there are hyperactive glands for others dry. Now we ALL also have a normal flora of P.Acnes bacteria on our face too. Heres the thing, in those with hyperactive oil glands the bacteria becomes "activated" and so causes inflammation (redness), pus (infection) and yes forms Acne.
So the deal is to keep skin clean, dry (not oily) and healthy.
So i ask everyone do u have like minimum 15 glasses of water daily? And normally the answer is NO.
Now imagine for so many years we have built up a debt of water intake then obviously acne will occur. Its like people are telling oh i go to the loo everyday to poo but i dont flush later. Good water intake works like a flush. Its cleanses ur system if all the refined sugars / cold drinks (i call that gutter ka pani)/ oils/ spices and what not. Just giving an eg.

Similarly, if u have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) .. mostly u end up having ACNE.
Also, some women end up having acne sometimes during pregnancy and/or sometimes after delivery all because of a sudden change in hormones. It takes time to get better. Until and unless u treat the underlying condition no superficial treatment is going to help or will only help temporarily.

The key is to keep the skin DRY/oil free. Hydrated. And clean.

U can use a facewash with salicylic acid in it. That dries the pimples up.
U can use Bioderma Sebium gel Moussant as ur regular facewash. Or Acne wipe Milky Cleanser.
Always apply SUNBLOCK, whether inside the house or outside. Glow Sun 60 sunblock is a fantastic sunblock. Does not make skin oily.
Please, never self medicate. Better to be safe than sorry. And also if something that has worked on ur sister's or friend's skin, it might not work the same on yours. So one man's medicine can be another man's poison. So never self medicate. And i seriously stress on that. So see a dermatologist or aesthetic dermatologist.

Lastly, skin problem is a forever thing. Its not like measles that u have it once and then never again.. skin requires long term maintenance. It tells the inside stories. Anything that goes wrong with the organs inside the body you skin will speak for it.

Eg. So u got hepatitis/jaundice... (liver infected) ur skin starts appearing yellow.

Iron deficiency - u look pale.

Cholesterol deposits first appear on the skin near the eye.

So my point is... "Manage" your skin. It tells a lot of stories.

If u manage it well, acne would never bother u. have a set face wash, use a sunblock - sun or no sun, and in case of no active acne do a microderm every month.

So i hope this has cleared things up and helps u assess where uve gone wrong or what u need to amend. :)

In case u need further help, please feel free to ask on the forum.


amina Farooq

I use airol-N face wash after use this wash my skin is too much dry what can i do?

2 months ago


Pic please

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