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Asking For Self, Female, 20 Years old, Lahore

Salam. Due to hormonal imbalances I’m getting acne on face,back and chest suddenly and it is not going away what to do?

Member of Marham-Forum

Dear Member,
Your query has been approved and the relevant doctor has been tagged. You will receive the answer soon.

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Thank you.

Member of Marham-Forum

Aslamoalikum, need to see visual images,due to different types of acne according to this establishing diagnosis and treatment.Book an appointment for video consultation. thanks.

Member of Marham-Forum

You need to consult a qualified Dermatologist in your city for treatment. When your hormonal balance as you say is corrected your acne will go away.


Dermatologist in Lahore - Dr. Farooq Tajammal Khan

Dr. Farooq Tajammal Khan - Dermatologist

MBBS, FCPS (Plastic Surgery), FRCS, D.Derm (London) | Lahore


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There can be multiple reasons for acne and similarly the management involves regular close monitoring, medication and followup. Early treatment is needed to avoid complications like scarring.
Kindly book an appointment at the earliest with a specialist to avoid complications.

Member of Marham-Forum

Dear Pt, Now the treatment of Acne is simple and it just Eradicate it! so don't delay just get urself consulted and close this chapter so you don't end up with PIH & scarring. your hormonal issues if you have need to be addressed as well so its a detailed consult. you can book an appointment or online appointment via Marham so can guide you better. Regards

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