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Talk to Dermatologist on Acne Vulgaris And Scars


Asking For Self, Male 28, karachi

Can I use trimelasin cream on acne and acne scares?

Dermatologist in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Khawar Nazir

Dr. Muhammad Khawar Nazir - Dermatologist

| MBBS | MS Dermotology (USA) | | Lahore


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Acne is a problem which need specific treatment according to its type after history & examination by a dermatologist. Same is the case with Acne Scars which need multiple procedures for its improvement.

Self medication often harms and above mentioned cream has no role both in acne & acne scars.

Please visit your local area skin specialist for proper assessment and better management.

Wassalam and a good day to you

Dermatologist in Rawalpindi - Dr. Deeba Sattar Khan

Dr. Deeba Sattar Khan - Dermatologist

MBBS, DIP Dermatology (UK), PRP Expert | Rawalpindi


89 Positive Reviews

Trimelasin is definitely not going to help in ur problem. Better to visit a Dermatologist and take the advice.

Member of Marham-Forum

Trimelasin is a combination of 3 different drugs including a steroid. Avoid it in acne. It's used for hyperpigmentary disorders including melasma. Neither indicated for acne or scars

Member of Marham-Forum

Hello can I use tri melasin for acne and acne scar

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