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Talk to Dermatologist on Acni And Open Pores Spots And Scars


Asking for Self, Female, 28 years old, opf society khayabane jinah road lahore

I have such serious acni issue which m facing since last 10 yrs ..i took medicine from jinnah's doctor but for the time being araam a gaya but now m again facing this problems even i took adoxa tablets last year and this year they gave me Azomax for three months and I took it ..hence no improvement so plz tell me what I do now m so worried my face look so terrible now

Member of Marham-Forum

Dear Member,
Please connect with us Take an online consultation if needed :
Thank You

Member of Marham-Forum

Phase make an appointment for online consultation with me. I would like to examine your face and acne and your skin type before I am able to prescribe medicines.


Dermatologist in Bahawalpur - Dr. Sadia Mughese

Dr. Sadia Mughese - Dermatologist

MBBS, Certified Dermatologist, FACP | Bahawalpur


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acne issues take time to resve. you might need some mesotherapy or prp treatment. please avoid fried, oily food. stick to vegetable and daal diet. limit sugar intake. you might see some improvement.

Member of Marham-Forum

Dear pt, I hope you are well.... when you are REALLY SERIOUS to get rid of acne kindly consult either live or online. Acne is simple issue that can be sorted 100% I still wonder why pts can't get proper treatment for it as its straight fwd but not sorting it leads to scars n pigmentation and that requires cosmetic surgical procedures. Regards

Homeopath in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Umar Farooq

Dr. Muhammad Umar Farooq - Homeopath

DHMS, RHMP | Lahore


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need proper history and symptoms for permanent solution

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