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Talk to Dermatologist on Allergy Infection


Asking for Self, Female, 27 years old, Lahore

I have allergy on underlegs area since january. At start it is just one small cirle patch with bumps. Later it become larger patches. Last year in sep my mother got this allergy she got treatment and fine now. My sons one was one only two months old when he got allergy(sep2019) and other is 1.5yr younger one was allergy free in 2months(dec2019) without medicine just used oinments. Elder son still have this allergy. I have got this in january. The treatment we had by consulting many dr: i used these medicines. Terbisil tablet danzen tablet scabid lotion dermosporin (3weeks) , but no cure, then in april start taking Fungone tablet once in week for regular 6weeks no cure, again consult with Dr she prescribed Itrazox twice a day, Alflex once a day for 6weeks (15july-31aug).. When using medicine it fine but after completing course come back or re appear. I just got tired its itching bumpy scars in circles . I am very careful in clothes washing use dettole washed seprate clothes of all membe

Member of Marham-Forum

Dear Member,
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Dermatologist in Bahawalpur - Dr. Sadia Mughese

Dr. Sadia Mughese - Dermatologist

MBBS, Certified Dermatologist, FACP | Bahawalpur


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please consult a gynaecologist.
try using cream Lamisil, once daily. the allergy should be examined by a specialist


Post Owner

Do you think its related to gynae not skin infection... ? Till now i just consult dermatologist. And my gynaecologist(who had done my casearen) also suggest this cream on call not by examine. Thanks

3 years ago

Member of Marham-Forum

Aslamoalikum, thanks for giving a proper history. You didn't mention about any test for example Patch test or consultation with endocrinologist. if not please consider it. I can understand your frustration,, but some time it's take longer. Even for pruritus, no permanent cure in West, patients are keep coming for follow up and getting medication.Thanks.


Post Owner

No test has been done.. Neither consult with endocinologist. Plz guide me. Whom should i consult a dermatologist, a gyneacologist or an endocrinologist. Thanks.

3 years ago

Dermatologist in Karachi - Dr. Shania Farhan

Dr. Shania Farhan - Dermatologist

MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology, Cosmetologist and Aesthetician | Karachi


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you have to visit a female dermatologist to recognise your problem

Member of Marham-Forum

In my opinion you must consult an experienced qualified Dermatologist who would examine your skin and advise you meds.

Treating without first Examination is not advisable.


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