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Asking for Self, Male, 31 years old, Karachi

Sometime 6 months back, i had a tingling feeling in my left breast around areola. There was a very slight occasional discomfort in left armpit, it was so slight that i didn't even noticed at the time. I checked with Breast surgeon he got my breast ultrasound which came absolutely fine no mass seen, axillary lymph nodes size fine, except a slight fat in periarelor region giving impression of pseudogynecomastia. Dr asked me to do exercise and i did and was absolutely fine.

Suddenly few days before i stated feeling burning in both my armpit more on right side with approximately the similar tingling in right breast that i earlier felt in left breast. the burning increases if i touch the armpits or do the soap, please guide me who should i consult or what should i do.

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need a consult

Member of Marham-Forum

Did the surgeon you went to earlier examined and pressed your breast and did he do a deep probing on your armpits. If he is a breast surgeon, I sure he did that.

Do you see a rash on your either breast or in the armpits. Do you get itchy or discomfort feeling when you sweat ?

It would be better if you showed me your rash or whatever you have. You can come to either of my two clinics which you find is easier to come.


Dermatologist in Karachi - Dr. Zafar Ahmed

Dr. Zafar Ahmed - Dermatologist

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Please vist at clinic to any good dermatologist as physical examination in mandatory.

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