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Talk to Dermatologist on Bald Area In Beard


Asking for Husband, Male, 30 years old, Rawalpindi

My husband has developed a bald spot in his beard since 2/3 months. It was a small area at first but seems to be growing. What can be the reason? Can some OTC medicine work or we need to follow up? Thanks.

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In light of what you have mentioned and visible in the pic to some extent, it looks like Alopecia Areata. It must be well treated within 6months otherwise there is a chance that hair won't grow back. The treatment needs specialized medicine. Please consult a Dermatologist in your area as obviously you cannot travel to Karachi for it treatment.

Dermatologist in Rawalpindi - Dr. Deeba Sattar Khan

Dr. Deeba Sattar Khan - Dermatologist

MBBS, DIP Dermatology (UK), PRP Expert | Rawalpindi


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This is most probably Alopecia Areata. But need to see the patient to confirm. U can visit the clinic for examination n treatment. Regards

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