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Talk to Dermatologist on BUG Bite On Ankle


Asking for Self, Female, 22 years old, Canada

Hello, today I noticed this bug bite on my ankle. I live in Canada, and here are so many mosquitoes in summers. I know this is not mosquito bite because I have so many mosquito bites on my body. This one is different. Last night I was out, there were many mosquitoes and I got bitten by mosquitoes, but I also got this bite? What is this? It is painful and uncomfortable.. Is it something serious?

Dermatologist in Karachi - Dr. Shania Farhan

Dr. Shania Farhan - Dermatologist

MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology, Cosmetologist and Aesthetician | Karachi


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it need please visit at doc clinic there

Member of Marham-Forum

I think it could be a mosquito bite to which you may have scratched unknowingly or while asleep.

please consult a GP there for it's treatment.


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