Chronic Eczema

its been 7 yes i m facing itching severe it hing prob out side wall of my vagina i been checked by diff skin specialist frm AKU ,Shifa and Liaquat hospital plus i visited my ghnaecologist too doff test had been taken but all in vain temporily it stopped but again happen now its pain ful n emberassing for me i used travocort , hydrozole ,sudo crdam melagyl but no one is affective even these steroids more complicated my case bow i m so disturb and deppress No one can treat this issue ???? i literally cry every nite i take bath change clothes on daily basis use to shave wid new razor always as i canot wax or use cream its really hurt ! Pls solve this issue or tell me any gud skin specialist i ll be great full ! Tia


MBBS, Dip in Dermatology | Karachi

Is it possible for you to come show in my clinic?
I need to see your condition before diagnosing and treating you.
In sha Allah, with proper treatment you will get better.


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kindly lemme k w whr to cum tommi gs days and shift

1 year ago

Dr. Heba Saleem
Dr. Heba Saleem - Dermatologist

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Hi there.
I would advise you to come over for consultation so that I can do a thorough examination and treat you accordingly.
It is a treatable disease , don't get depressed.
I sit at transform clinic
For appointment you can call 042-32591427, 042-32591427,