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Talk to Dermatologist on Dandruff And Hairfall


Asking for Self, Female, 21 years old, Karachi

Hello! I have dandruff and mild hairfall problem. My doctor recommended me climbazam shampoo and a lotion I can't find. Can a doctor advice me some other effective lotion? Please also tell me for how long do I need to continue the use of the products?

Member of Marham-Forum

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Dermatologist in Karachi - Dr. Naseem Usmani

Dr. Naseem Usmani - Dermatologist

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Member of Marham-Forum

The doctor who has prescribed you the above meds is not a qualified Dermatologist at all. He is a quack.

I don't know what that lotion is,.but the shampoo is just like head&shoulders shampoo.

Since you have mentioned that you have a dandruff and hair loss, chances are that you have fungus/yeast infection of your scalp and hair roots. This infection do not completely go away quickly but may take months of continuous treatment to eradicate it.

In my opinion you should visit my clinic so that I throughly examine your scalp and advice you further treatment and management.

I am working during the lockdown. Please take an appointment thru Marham.



Post Owner

Can I take your online appointment?

4 years ago


Post Owner

Are you available in liaquat National hospital? Cause I can take consultation there.

4 years ago

Attach Photo here:

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