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Talk to Dermatologist on Dandruff, Dryness And Hair Fall


Asking for Self, Male, 28 years old, Multan

Since the day I have relocated to Multan, I am facing severe dandruff and dryness in my hair. After taking bath, I feel severe itching and rashes on my scalp. I can see white flakes on my scalp as well. Its been one year now, I am facing hair fall problem as well. Specially after taking bath with bore water. When I go back to my old place in Peshawar, dandruff suddenly goes away by itself. I have consulted a doctor. After examination, doctor recommended me: 1. Tab Genesi 1 mg 2. Tab Ese Vit 3. Folligro Spray 4. Hivate lotion 5. Derma Forte Shampoo

Now, I have a question. Is this prescription ok for my problem? And Is it fine to use this prescription for a continuous 6 months? Is there any side effects of these medicine? Specially Tab. Genesis. As I have read that it may cause sexual problem and may trigger prostate cancerous problem.

Dermatologist in Karachi - Dr. Zahida Parveen

Dr. Zahida Parveen - Dermatologist

| MBBS | D-Derm | Diploma in Cosmetology | | Karachi


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clobederm lotion
clotrium lotion
equal amount apply alternate night on scalp
conaz lotion for hair wash
capp hairaad one daily
review after 2wks


Post Owner

Thanks Ma'm Zahida Sahiba!

4 years ago


Post Owner

Madam Zahida Parveen Sahiba,
Doc! I have started using your prescribed treatment.
Overall, I am seeing a big difference for my Dandruff.
But I have encountered a problem. By using the Hair Aid capsule, i am feeling tightened in my chest. It has started increase in size.
Does this capsule comes with anti-antrogens? Used to treat prostate enlargement?
I fear if i will get Gynecomastia?

4 years ago

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