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Talk to Dermatologist on Diminished Hair Growth


Asking for Self, Female, 20 years old, Faisalabad

My hairs qre curly from the birth.including me my 2sisters have same problem and one brother also have.but My mother,father and every member of whole family can't have like these hairs, all the family members have long and black hairs. Except me and my sisters.I have a short , rough and fizzy hairs .

Member of Marham-Forum

Please go for hiar microscopy at DHQ hospital, Faisalabad. When your hair Diagnosis is made, you can have an effective treatment.


Post Owner

OK ,how many expenses are on this hair microscopy and can we get our long hairs after this test?????

4 years ago


Test do not cost anything. It's free and done my senior Dermatologist there. Hair can grow after your final diagnosis is made and treatment started. Thanks.

4 years ago

Member of Marham-Forum

need to examine scalp n hair to comment.

Member of Marham-Forum

After microscopy test, and scalp examination then final treatment will b suggested that might include PRP,hair serum, shampoo n medication

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