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Talk to Dermatologist on Eczema Keeps Getting Worse


Asking For Self, Female, 23 Years old, UK

I have really bad eczema, it’s just keeps getting worse and worse. My body doesn’t sweat at all. It’s so bad now to the point that my skin is so red and always peeling and swollen. The doctors previously put me on steroids but I stopped using those as I did not like it. I have tried to get an appointment with doctor even after sending money but no one has got in contact with me. What would you suggest the next steps should be?

Dermatologist in Karachi - Dr. Sana Adeel

Dr. Sana Adeel - Dermatologist

MBBS, D-Derm, Aesthetic Physician | Karachi


128 Positive Reviews

asa... can i see pics? also why not getting appointmrnt?? if u are in karachi come visit me or else book online appointment. relax. all will be fine

Member of Marham-Forum

Dear Pt, I hope you are well. you need to understand that what needs to be taken needs to... its imp to consult either livebor online so a detailed history can be taken and treat accordingly. I don't know where you paid? if its Marham contact the helpline and I'm sure they will guide and help you. But for better care you need to consult so can care in a better way. Regards

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Shahzeb

Dr. Shahzeb - General Practitioner

MBBS | Lahore


122 Positive Reviews

Dear pateint... I will prescribe you best possible medication for this eczema according to latest American guidelines of dermatology.... InshaAllah u will b fine... U can contact me through marham by online consultation..



Member of Marham-Forum

You did not mention what type of eczema you have. What did your GP diagnose, if at all.

There are various types of eczemas and their treatment regimen is different.


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