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Talk to Dermatologist on Extreme Hairfall Problen


Asking for Self, Female, 20 years old, Safora chorangi

7,8 months hogay mera hairfall ni rukrha i don't know why itne halky hogay baal ub sb use krlia saray oils biotin tablets everythings sbk herb hair oil herbal shampoo use krliye 1% result ni arha i m so worried now

Dermatologist in Peshawar - Dr. Kashif Ali

Dr. Kashif Ali - Dermatologist

MBBS, MSc Aesthetic Dermatology (Lon), MRCGP(CCT) UK, DDerm UK, MBCAM, DFSRH, DRCOG, MCFP, AAAMS | Peshawar


29 Positive Reviews

There might be an underlying nutritional deficiency. You will need to be investigated. Please see a doctor or make an online appointment with us.

Ent Specialist in Lahore - Dr. Junaid Shahzad

Dr. Junaid Shahzad - Ent Specialist



301 Positive Reviews

dermatologist consultation needed! mesotherapy will be helpful

Dermatologist in Karachi - Dr. Farhan Mir Shaikh

Dr. Farhan Mir Shaikh - Dermatologist

MBBS, FCPS (Dermatology) | Karachi


60 Positive Reviews

You need to consult some nearby dermatologist at the earliest.Get your Blood CBC n thyroid hormone levels done. Try to manage n control underlying anxiety and or depression if any.

Dermatologist in Lahore - Dr. Sommiya Anum

Dr. Sommiya Anum - Dermatologist

MBBS, FCPS (Dermatologist) | Lahore


72 Positive Reviews

It's most likely Tellogen Effluvium
You need proper history and evaluation to rule out ts multiple causes like past history stress anxiety sleep Deprivation dietary history and and Past infections and trauma or surgery or any ailments
All these cause hair fall 2 to 4 months after the triggoring event
Treatment of Cause is most important, local treatment is secondline

General Physician in Karachi - Dr. Kanwal Mobarak

Dr. Kanwal Mobarak - General Physician

| MBBS | | Karachi


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Please get your Thyroid profile test from a good lab.

Member of Marham-Forum

Dear Pt,

Nothing to worry about...............just dont delay it any further. you can book an appointment with us and will run few tests, history, examination and write meds and Inshallah things will improvise..so no need to get upset..have a good night:) Regards

Dermatologist in Karachi - Dr. Zafar Ahmed

Dr. Zafar Ahmed - Dermatologist

MBBS, CRCP, D.DERM (Thailand ), Diploma in Dermato-Surgery (Bangkok), Research Course (UK) | Karachi


2707 Positive Reviews

The reasons could be stress or indeed a nutritional deficiency

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